Spinal Bender

The spinal rod bender has been designed to assist spinal surgeons in calculating the optimal curvature for the rods and accurately contouring them to reach the desired correction of the spine.


An exciting moment for patients on dialysis may be the time a kidney is offered to them, after years of being on the waitlist. But will this transplant be successful? Should the patient accept this kidney or wait for the next offer?
Physicians could help the patients with this decision, and that is why the success rate for organ transplants is as good as it is now. But can an intelligent machine provide more accurate advice?

We have developed an artificial intelligence system for this purpose and extended this intelligent system to assist the patients with chronic kidney disease and their physicians not only at the time of transplantation but earlier from the time of diagnosis of the disease to the post-transplant period. Early after diagnosis, patients would like to monitor their kidney function and foresee when they will need dialysis or transplantation. After transplantation, predicting the longevity of the transplant and potential complications is of interest. Our comprehensive intelligent system will provide detailed predictions on all of these items by analyzing the information of over 400,000 previous kidney transplantations.

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