Orthobiomed Machine Learning Solutions for Healthcare

Machine Learning Solutions For Healthcare

Ortho BioMed provides customized machine learning solutions for a range of industries, including healthcare, industrial operations, and more. Machine learning models can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making predictions in a decision support system, identifying and managing risks, and redefining the user experience. We understand that every business has unique challenges and that the same approach doesn’t work in every situation. This is where we shine. Our multi-disciplinary team works with organizations to understand their pain points. We then design and deploy fully customized applications that deliver maximum value to the business.

Our unique prediction models are the product of intensive research and offer accuracy that surpasses other state-of-the-art models. Our machine learning solutions come with easy-to-use user interface and model confidence intervals, meaning that the decision makers can easily understand the results and the context in which they were generated.

We help organizations put their data to work. Our algorithms perform data management and pattern and sequence recognition. Our ML algorithms are self-taught; they can analyze vast quantities of historical data to detect trends and then use it to make future predictions.

Smart Enterprise Cloud Based Applications

Ortho BioMed delivers cloud-based applications to healthcare providers. Our experienced cloud architects and developers build and deploy patient-centered and data-driven applications that cater to the specialized needs of hospitals and other healthcare centers.

Agility and Security are at the forefront of our cloud solutions. We offer the ability to adapt to change at high speed and low cost. Our solutions enable organizations to connect, collaborate and share information easily, therefore accelerating decision support and action across the board. End-users experience better data visibility and are empowered; all of these eventually lead to better patient outcomes.

We protect and govern sensitive health data across a range of systems. Our applications are built upon privacy and confidentiality protection frameworks that ensure that patient data is only used in ways consistent with healthcare provider’s expectations. Our solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure a secured experience for our end-users.

Orthobiomed Prototype Development

Medical Device Design and Development

Developing a new medical device can be a daunting task, which is why we have just the right expertise to help companies throughout the design and development process, all the way to manufacturing. Our team of experts ensures compliance with quality control, safety and regulatory standards at every stage of the development while meeting the end user needs. After successfully completing the device development process, we provide our clients with a proof of concept and renderings, suitable for investor financing presentations.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings a wide breadth of expertise to product development projects. We leverage our expertise in mechanical, electrical, software and biomedical engineering, industrial design and medical engineering physics to scrutinize the development plans from every angle. We identify risks early-on and propose measures for prevention and mitigation.

We help companies protect their newly created intellectual property (IP) by devising and implementing IP protection strategies. We also assist companies with navigating the patent process for medical devices.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Ortho BioMed offers comprehensive solutions for remote monitoring of patient biometrics. Our technology provides timely detection of any vital sign changes that may indicate a deterioration of a patient's health. This allows early medical intervention to prevent further health complications, therefore saving precious healthcare service capacity. Our solutions can effectively alleviate the demands on healthcare system in situations such as a pandemic and when continuous patient monitoring is required outside the clinical settings.

Our solutions provide unparalleled performance while staying cost-effective. We offer a sleek design and a smooth user experience, unlike some of the other bulky and painfully complicated products that are available in the market.

Our in-house experts and strategic partners have collaborated to develop an unobtrusive and non-invasive wearable that allows continuous monitoring of body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, cough, and lung function parameters. This system uses micro-sensors to take measurements which are then analyzed using artificial intelligence and sensor fusion techniques. Care teams can then factor these results into the decision making process when optimizing the patient’s care management plan.

Orthobiomed Remote Patient Monitoring​