The Ortho BioMed team of experts can create customized machine learning solutions for a range of healthcare and business sectors, as well as cloud-based applications tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. We help medtech innovators overcome technology obstacles to create breakthrough products that improve health and save lives. From concept to commercialization, our team has the experience and expertise to shepherd your product from ideation to market. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure your product is designed for manufacturability, giving you a competitive edge in the highly regulated medical device industry. We take on the challenges so you can focus on what you do best – developing life-saving technologies.

Machine Learning Solutions

Ortho BioMed provides machine learning services for all your business needs. Our customizable business solutions offer forecasting and decision support, risk identification and management, pattern and sequence recognition, and much more. These one-of-a-kind prediction models are the result of extensive research and outperform other cutting-edge models in terms of accuracy. Our self-taught algorithms can continue to improve by learning from newly available data. We provide services to a variety of sectors, including healthcare and business operations.

Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions

We offer patient-centered, data-driven products that meet the specific workflow requirements of healthcare facilities. Our cloud solutions are built around agility and security. We provide the capability to quickly and cost-effectively react to change. Our solutions enable organizations to connect, collaborate, and share information easily, therefore expediting decision-making and overall action. We protect and govern sensitive health information across a number of systems. Built around stringent privacy and confidentiality protection frameworks, our applications ensure that patient data is only used in ways consistent with healthcare provider’s expectations.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Ortho BioMed provides complete remote patient biometric monitoring solutions. We can preserve valuable healthcare service capacity by using our technology’s timely detection and intervention capabilities. In situations like a pandemic and when ongoing patient monitoring is necessary outside of clinical settings, our solutions can efficiently reduce the demands on the healthcare system. While being affordable, our solutions deliver performance that is unsurpassed. Our products come with a slick interface and an easy user experience.

Medical Device Design and Development

Ortho BioMed helps companies from product research to manufacturing. At every stage of the development process, our professionals guarantee compliance with quality control, safety, and regulatory standards. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to thoroughly investigate the development plans, foresee vulnerabilities, and recommend countermeasures. After the device development process is complete, we provide our clients with a proof of concept and renderings, suitable for investor financing presentations. We create and put into action Intellectual Property protection plans and guide our clients through the patent application process.

Our Platforms